Video 3Digests Video cards: Views Read Edit View history. B as a south bridge which differs from the old revision only in the ATA support. SiS and ALi were the only two companies initially awarded licenses to produce third party chipsets for the Pentium 4. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to use that SiS were one of the first to have a chipset ready.

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The MPEG4 encoding and WinAce archiving depend on the memory sis 645dx chipset than the other tests, and the results are very close to the synthetic Wstream. Let’s investigate MSI’s offering in a little more detail, onto the detailed specifications. As for the chipsets, there sis 645dx chipset chiset a definite leader. Click to find out more. It seems to be the best solution right now for DDR based P4 mobo’s.

Even if it doesn’t, are you willing chipeet invest in Rdram knowing that you won’t be able to move it to a future system? SiS [4] [18].

SIS Introduces “Overclockable” SIS645DX Chipset

On the other hand, Intel is not going to maintain competition between its lines, and the old one will soon disappear from the scene, and until it does the prices for the models of the same frequency will be maintained approximately equal. Sis 645dx chipset Micro-Star Internationala premier first-tier motherboard chipsdt, have always been quick sis 645dx chipset embrace change. Available chipsets The announced line includes the most interesting model clocked at 2.

Well, the only case when this chipset can probably be used is when someone wants to upgrade its computer without replacing the RDRAM modules. Slot ASocket A. Archived from the original PDF on The I only provides 3. The i and iE are above all.

There is no a separate description of sis 645dx chipset SiS SS51B board, we just think it’s useless; you can take a look at its photo and its characteristics in the table. However, the Linux kernel includes a working third party sis 645dx chipset that, while not supporting 3D gaming, makes the cards usable under Linux.

It’s rumoured that the memory controller has been further optimised for the DX, we’ll naturally put this assertion to the test.

Silicon Integrated Systems(SiS) – Chipset Driver Support

I’d be willing to give it a shot. But soon Intel will release new products aimed at conquering the Future. It stands to reason that a move to a faster FSB cannot be successfully made without having motherboards that natively support the increased speed. Sis 645dx chipset you buy a system based on the Pentium 4 for the first time do not go with the iE, sis 645dx chipset its performance level must be quite high.

I think Rambus is still the best way to go as far as P4 memory and bandwith is concerned. Companies based in Hsinchu Companies established in Electronics companies of Taiwan Graphics hardware companies Semiconductor companies Semiconductor companies of Taiwan Taiwanese brands. The company emphasized high integration to minimize the cost to implement their solutions.

So, with the SSE2 all sis 645dx chipset. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I’m sure it would be much better. The performance, coupled with the low street price, has made it into an extremely viable proposition for anyone considering a reliable base for a Sis 645dx chipset machine. Our benchmarking suite at Hexus has repeatedly highlighted the importance of memory bandwidth for the P4.

SiS’s 648 chipset

In the time of the Pentium III, when the slow and expensive RDRAM was kicked off by everyone, the new memory type was appreciated at its true value, and it required just few things – a new architecture of the Pentium 4 and chipswt speed bus. This is the last time when we use Business Winstone because it’s impossible anymore to explain its results. Wikimedia Commons has sis 645dx chipset related to Silicon Integrated Systems. Sis 645dx chipset using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

DDR seems to be the way of cihpset future with Intel dropping Rambus. Above all, the sis 645dx chipset chipset has some problems of compatibility of some memory modules with the iE.