I write “may”, because sometimes we risk generating severe cone break-ups from coatings. The Plutone loudspeaker can be seen as a turning-point in the Humble Homemade Hifi tradition. Phase plugs were actually available at the time the JA was put together, but discarded as it did not offer any sonic advantages to the paper dust cap. View frequency response in measurement section. Thus, an overall easy load on the amplifier. Forget any other non-waveguide standard 1″ dome tweeter for the JA The tolerances have to be considered.

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The result is that the ja8008 hump from kHz is flattened and then below 2kHz where the tweeter needs some protection it has a full second order network. The sound gains in fine detail and richness ia8008 tone ja8008 the same time. And here also much ja8008. Multi-Way Conventional loudspeakers with crossovers. Due to the simplicity of the crossover and the high resolution of ja8008 drivers even the smallest change in component value or type could easily be heard.

Exactly the difference between these two Audioquest interlinks ja8008 I am used to. The combination of tweeter, woofer, cabinet material, shape and size form such a coherent unity that ja8008 were able to design a matching crossover that consists of only three components ja8008 uses no resistors at all, not even to tame the tweeter level!

JANTZEN AUDIO JA-8008 HMQ HiFi Mid-Woofer 8 Ohm Ø18.6mm

Internal panel with bracing. The terminal-plates come with ja8008 own air-tight seal.

Ja8008 can download the datasheet of the tweeter ja8008 the grey section at the ja8008 of this page. A waveguide is not just a waveguide. The paper pulp here is mixed with long cotton fibres to provide the right balance between cone strength and ja8008 damping.

Front panel is 30 mm MDF and slightly chamfered. The burst decay of the finished system ja8008 a very smooth decay with no nasties. It takes more than hours of normal use before the loudspeaker calms down and opens up. ja0808

Jantzen Audio JA-8008 HMQ

There’s another group of people who think old is good ja8008 new is bad, and I’m sure there will be arguments ja8008 the old JA is better than the new JAHMQ. Even some of the best drivers available sometimes need complex filtering to obtain a flat frequency curve, correct acoustic phase relative to each other, etc, etc.

Thank you for developing the Plutone, truly a state of the art reference caliber speaker. The problem is to get the parts you want – and ja8008 the quantities you want. Gasket sealing tape is applied to the recessed driver cutouts ja8008 on the inside of the port ja8008.

This ja8008 can reproduce vocals; it can ja808 play vocals loud without noticeable distortion. From left to right: I think it’s a ja8008 design, it’s a shame it’s just so damn expensive. Maybe I ja8008 use that next time: See further down this page for the raw tweeter measurement in the Plutone cabinet and explanation on how that “trick” works.

Switching to Audioquest’s interlink Earth ja8008 is identical in build except for the use of copper instead of silver the very black background became a tad less black but gained some warmth in the ja8008 treble, giving the overall sound a bit more body.

Talking of big, the sound-stage is also big. Foam surround is one of the best surround materials available ja8008 it comes to low-loss suspensions. ja8008

JANTZEN AUDIO JA HMQ HiFi Mid-Woofer 8 Ohm Ømm – Audiophonics

Ja8008 there any more affordable ja80008 available for this driver? Response of individual drivers driven from crossover. Nothing I can do about this ja8008.

Internal wiring ja8008 6N ja8008 solid core wire from Jantzen Audio, 2x 1,00mm2 ja8008 the woofer and crossover, 2x 0,50mm2 for the tweeter. After sufficient burn-in the treble is extremely well rendered, with heaps of detail and insight into the recording and at the same time never harsh nor sharp. I have learned that some people get confused by the three resistors on crossover board for ja8008 attenuation.

Ja8008 ja8080 crossover is required. The series capacitor is smaller than usual and the parallel inductor is larger than usual.