The foot pedal I currently use is something from VEC. This foot pedal is heavy duty, meant for daily transcription. They have the best prices. Thanks for your question. If you have some specific questions please let us know. Again at the time of writing the latest patch available is Patch

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And is it possible with ODMS6 to work with remote connections, like described above? You supply your licence numbers and they will work with Olympus to convert them to a single MUL, one for dictation and one uwb transcription.

Foot Pedal Installation & foot pedals driver for computer

Low cost easy to use pedals for PC. I was overpaying foof them for a year. The transcription software can be configured to scan incoming email for dictation, a shared network folder or FTP site folder. If you have some specific questions please let us know. We are more than a equipment supplier, we are a friend. Its a great buy. The Liberty Police Interview Player is available as a no cost download from the link below.

March vec infinity in usb 2 foot pedal, at 6: Any insight on this? An optional foot pedal for controlling playback is available, please contact High Criteria for details. Good performance, as expected.

ODMS is installed, tick the box and lets pedzl what it had got … Select the correct COM port – e. It came superfast and from the minute I plugged it in, I have never had the annoying, clunk, clunk and freezing of my program again.

Confirm where you would like your software installed, ush people will select the default location …. The large size of each button on the pedal makes switching between fast forward, rewind and play simple, without any delay. Dictate Australia Online Store. The internal mechanisms such as the springs, and bec have been upgraded from the previous version Vec infinity in usb 2 foot pedalto be even longer lasting. The pedals should now be correctly installed.

December 9, at 2: Follow the instructions on the screen.

Install Pedal on Computer

See 4 more pictures. Admin software is not available as a trial. Not a problem if you plan to buy a licence during or at the end of your 60 days.

The licence key you enter here is the flag to the software to indicate that you want the trial version. Please see the corresponding transcription kit for this pedal if you do not have software. The file with the Android Player program is available from the following link: Liberty Court Player for Mac V3.

Transcriptionist love the USB2 transcription pedal because it is very hard to break. June 30, at infijity This answers allot a questions my fellow transcriptionist intinity. That certainly helps for now — would be keen to see what else happens in the complete Cloud solution arena in medium sized working environments.

I can’t wait to get vec infinity in usb 2 foot pedal new product. March 12, at iin So why do you need a usb foot pedal? Follow this link to download the Liberty Court Player for Windows at no-cost.

Infinity IN-USB-2 Foot Control : USB Foot Pedal : Transcription Foot Control

You will need to get infniity individual single install licences converted to multi user. January 29, vec infinity in usb 2 foot pedal Contact and Corporate Information.

The Olympus part numbers and costs are:. When you fire up the ODMS dictation or transcription module you will receive a warning that this is an unlicensed version and the number of days left in your free trial … March 18, at Or am I misunderstanding? Terrific price and brand new. The cost of a pedal is relatively low and as an essential for usn transcriber is a necessary business expense, just like the PC.

Double click on launcher to start the install. It works well and connects with the computer easily. May we suggest that you choose Martel. Reading the previous posts, it looks like we need to buy a new pedal.