Too bad I did the soldering before finding this page. This sounds like the hard drive failure. Fernando, What if you remove the hard drive and try turning it on without the hard drive installed. I have Tobsiha Laptop Any advice would be appreciate Thanks. The system may get booted to OS or you may enter the BIOS etc within this time but once the period gets over it gets off.

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Check the power jack first. The jack seemed to be working perfectly, but the battery would not charge. Other LED lights were not turning on or flashing e. I dont know where to turn now. There is no Pentium M in satellite m35x-s109 list, but if I satellite m35x-s109 correct satellite m35x-s109 main difference between CPUs is the clock speed.

When we press on the power button, it stay on for a second then it goes off again, we tested the batary and the hard drive and both are working but the computer does not get turned on, what else should we do and what could be the problem? It could be a failing fan, a bad HDD, or something satellite m35x-s109. One of them could be bad. Saved a lot of time for me as I had gotten out the screwdriver and was ready for some deeper work.

I have a Toshiba Satellite S laptop. When I plug in the cord into my laptop Compaq Evo Nvthe charge button does not appear, instead there is a quick beeping noise within the AC Satellite m35x-s109.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

A few years ago we had a customer with hundreds of these units and working on them was a nightmare. Satellite m35x-s109 you have to do next: So Satellite m35x-s109 greatly appreciate anyones input.

We have a Dell Inspiron laptop, and it will boot up the Windows page will come up, but then go blank and will not boot into Windows XP. I have the same question as Ernie.

I hav sufficent space in memory. Also, there is a chance that the motherboard satellite m35x-s109 is OK but you have a problem with the power jack. Then connect the power button board and an external monitor. Olujide blessing, Make sure the heatsink is clean and not clogged with dust. Satellite m35x-s109 it seems that the system may remain on for a fixed time say about 25 m35x-s09.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

It works perfect satellite m35x-s109. Now to my problem. I have a Toshiba Satellite A This test is reliable and easy to use. There was no manual or troubleshooting guide with this laptop and I am at a loss as to what to try next. I purchased an HP laptop—with the extended warranty.

Is there something wrong with the AC Adaptor or is it satellite m35x-s109 to do with the laptop? Test the hard drive with Hitachi drive fitness test and see if it passes it.

The fix is a motherboard replacement, and he says the new motherboards have a redesigned beefier jack that fixes the problem. Talk to a technician and explain the situation. So I figured I would completely discharge it and try to charge satellite m35x-s109 again.

You know, Task Manager can run programs. When the system is truned off this way I can press the Power Button to start the system into Windows; satellite m35x-s109 it satellite m35x-s109 the 2 minute video off routine. Find a multimeter and check the AC adapter.

Since I know power is making it to the component side of the board i just assumed i damaged some internal connections. It has worked fine for a year and now is back satellite m35x-s109 the same thing.