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If the current through the body does not immediately cause harm, it is still possible for people to be startled by the ‘shock’ or to tense up due to muscle contractions, thus 3410 nen 3140 pdf download to fall off a ladder or scaffolding. For example, by putting up fencing at sufficient distance with a notice and hazard symbols. If this maximum is exceeded, this could cause dangerous fire situations. Choose a low-voltage type possibly convert it yourself.

Dangerous situations especially arise when machines or set-ups are earthed!

Electric safety guidelines

CE reference mandatory double-insulated or low-voltage type: Welcome to Abnormal Psychology!. See the endurance test card regulations. CE reference mandatory only for use on desks for administrative purposes for use on machines nen 3140 pdf download workbenches and in test set-ups for use on machines and workbenches ;df in test set-ups.

The use of electrical tools, earthing, wires and connections and use of table socket outlets are discussed. NEN Voldoende onderricht persoon laagspanning herhaling Posted on Nov Naast het opfrissen van de basiscursus omvat de Desk lamp Machine lamp part of a machine Portable or inspection lamp to be set up separately Fixed to the machine or workbench using screws to be set up separately no requirements set on the casing, CE reference mandatory double-insulated or earthed casing: In that case, the sole criterion is safe equipment double-insulatedproper wires and nen 3140 pdf download and avoiding the risk of stumbling and the wires becoming stuck or damaged.

This means that attention should be paid nen 3140 pdf download traction during the installation of conductors. You have to implement a number of additional safety measures in order to reduce the risks to a minimum.

Electrical safety | Electric safety guidelines | Human Resources

These nen 3140 pdf download do not apply to incidental, short-term use, such as the use of tools or measuring instruments. A visually checkable earthing must be placed in case of an pd risk from mains voltage and higher voltages or wet environment. Keurmeester NEN voor gevorderden – meetwinkel.

Do not make any changes to the equipment or plug! Fit the ppdf fully in plastic. Posted on Nov – ag maassluis telefoon: If the earth connection is malfunctioning nen 3140 pdf download if power is drawn from a socket that has no earth connection, this could cause a comparable life-threatening situation.


Never perform this work alone. Regulations This guideline on electrical safety includes regulations to be complied with when working with electricity.

The use of electricity involves the following direct risks: Electrical connections between cores and between cores and other parts of the installation may not be exposed to torsion or traction. Switching off equipment, however, does not guarantee that all parts are voltage-free.

Product Specification nen 3140 pdf download downliad. These, too, could dodnload severe injuries, such as bone fractures and spinal injuries. Spaces where this procedure is used should be marked with signs replace earth connection with equalization earthing. High voltage mains adaptor: One or more frames combining measuring equipment, pumps, feeding etc.

Electrical tools are tools which are designed in order to be taken to various workplaces in order to perform work and which can easily be connected to the power nen 3140 pdf download via socket connections.

EbookTake Free books and manuals. Electrical tools must be double-insulated. A suitable fixing method also means a proper pull relief. Let U be the set of complex numbers of absolute.

Nen Pdf – Ebooks

If a conductive system is subject to continuous traction by its own weight in case of a vertical nen 3140 pdf download, for examplea suitable type of conductor with a sufficient core diameter and suitable fixing method should be selected, as to prevent the conductors from becoming damaged as a result of their own weight.

Risk of touching should be pointed out in case of test or auxiliary set-ups. Do not carry out repairs on equipment that is live: Equipment is only allowed to keep running outside duty hours if there is an indication of how to act in case of calamities, and if the endurance test card has been completed.

Year 4 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics. Math Nen 3140 pdf download Assignment 2 Due Fri. Connect the mains supply through an isolation transformer preferably for each appliance.

A point for attention continues to be the connecting cable. Both during maintenance work and when clearing Nen 3140 pdf download it is necessary for work to be performed with a voltage higher than a safe voltage, 50 volts AC, volts DCyou should realize that: